Wein-Research von Olaf Schilling

Wein-Research was founded 5 years ago by Olaf Schilling. Starting to drink fine wine 25 years ago I always liked to explore new wine styles and regions.

But not only good wines ruins my financial resources, I’m mad about good food and restaurants as well, and it does not matter if it is 3 Star Paris fine dining or Mama kitchen in southern Italy to start the next journey.  With my WSET Diploma/Weinakademiker, which I finished in 2018, I got a good basic theoretical knowledge about wine and tasting. I’m constantly raising my horizon by learning from Master of Wines, Winemakers and passionated Winelovers.

I’m a member of the International Wine and Food society and Sommelier Union in Germany.

As a guest contributor I’m writing for Weinwisser journal wich was founded by Rene Gabriel. It is the leading journal for Fine Wines in Germany and Switzerland.

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