Wein-Research was founded 3 years ago by Olaf Schilling. While drinking (great) wines for 25 years, I also visited a lot of 3 star Restaurants round Europe during this time. So I am addicted to both: good wines and good food. That makes me a member of  a worldwide network of like minded people. With my WSET Diploma/Weinakademiker, which I finished in 2018, I got a good basic theoretical knowledge about wine and tasting . I’m constantly raising my horizon by learning from Master of Wines, Winemakers and passionated Winelovers.

I’m a member of the International Wine and Food society and Chairman of the Munich Branch.

As a guest contributor I’m writing for Weinwisser journal wich was founded by Rene Gabriel, now run by Giuseppe Lauria. It is one of the leading journals for Fine Wines in Germany and Switzerland.

After finishing university with a Diploma in Economics I worked for Deutsche Bank Private Banking and now I’m consulting banks in the Mutual Funds Industry.

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